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NEM and Tech Bureau built a partnership for Blockchain Engine called "Catapult"




Can you imagine that Blockchain technology and Bitcoin are going to be close to the real world? One of the most prominent blockchain players "Tech Bureau" is proving to the validity and creadibility of the blockchain technology into some industries. News release from this company made a huge impact, among other things, into bitcoin realm at first in Japan, and then influenced around other countries all over the world.

Here is the bottom line.


Quote: Blockchain development in Japan seems to be firing on all cylingers these days, as the strengthened alliance between Tech Bureau Corp. and NEM leads to a next generation project.

Although Catapult was intially intended to be launched in 2014, carious new features hace been advanced ever since, which make Catapult an even more attractive solution for enterprises and developers.


The NEM team has been focusing their attention on muti-sig and multi-asset management, as well as letting developers build apps through simple API calls using the NEM blockchain. It is important to note this particular blockchain solution has been running for over two years in a stable environment.




Merging the public blockchain aspect of NEM with the private ledger concept of Mijin is an exciting advancement for this technology in general. Tech Bureau Corp has been building out their high- performance blockchain project, which capable of handling ober 1,00 transactions per second. In April of 2016, a Japanese bank openly acknowledged they had been testing the Mijin blockchain through a trial with DragonFly Fintech.


Catapult will be leveraging the best of both worlds, as the development of this new project began in Q1 of 2016. The Catapult code base will be integrated into the NEM open source project, which will help strengthen both blockchain solutions in the long run. Addtionally, this will accelerate the growth of NEM, Tech Bureau Corp, and all of their partners at the same time.



Tech Bureau and NEM Develop Catapult Blockchain Engine